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      Technical characteristics of home appliance coating equipment

      Date of issue:2021-05-20 Author: Click:

      Technical characteristics of home appliance coating equipment

      There are many electrical products and their parts, and the amount of coating is large. There are various requirements for coating performance and quality, and there are many types and varieties of coatings used. In order to meet the requirements of the coating quality and use environmental conditions of electrical products, it is almost a collection of modern coating methods. Product coating has many technical features, which are summarized as follows:

      1) Electrical performance requirements: The coating of various electrical products must meet the electrical performance requirements. Such as insulation, heat resistance, arc resistance, spark breakdown resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance and mildew resistance.

      2) Protection: The environmental conditions of electrical products after coating are various, so the surface of the product needs to be protected. The surface coating should be resistant to chemicals, solvents and various corrosive media, and should also have three-proof performance. The degree of protection required is different, the choice of paint, coating thickness, performance requirements, etc. are also different. It should be different according to the environmental conditions of the product.

      3) Decorative: The decorative requirements of the coating of electrical products are high or low. High decoration requires bright colors, fullness and brightness, smoothness and flatness. The surface decoration of various electric control cabinets should be harmonious and soft in hue and brightness.

      4) Excellent mechanical properties: Electrical product coatings generally require excellent mechanical properties. The coating should be tough, wear-resistant, resistant to mechanical and man-made damages such as impact and collision, and the coating should have excellent adhesion to the surface of the product. Due to the harsh environmental conditions of some products, such as insufficient hardness and strength of the coating, the service life of the product will be greatly reduced.

      5) Mechanized and automated coating production: The mechanized automated assembly line for coating production in the electrical industry is extremely common, because electrical products have a large amount of coating. And most of the product shapes, sizes and batches have the conditions for automatic flow coating. The application of new equipment and new technology in modern coating production is very extensive, and the technical and economic benefits of coating are relatively high. The introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced coating technology has made rapid progress in the electrical industry. The development trend of modern coating technology for high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving, reduction or elimination of environmental pollution, and improvement of working conditions in coating production has been prominently embodied in the coating of electrical products, and will soon spread throughout the entire machinery industry .

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