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      Coating equipment and spray effect

      Date of issue:2021-05-20 Author: Click:

      Coating equipment and spray effect

      The spraying effect of different home appliance coating equipment is also different. The process requirements of the workpiece and the selection of spraying equipment for different workpieces are also different. The following briefly introduces several coating equipment.

      1: Electrostatic spraying


      This kind of spraying is a new spraying method in which air and paint are mixed. Electrostatic spraying has certain requirements for paint and conductivity. This kind of painting equipment has relatively large investment;

      2: High pressure spraying

      This kind of coating equipment has higher working efficiency and improves the adsorption force of the paint. The workpieces sprayed in this way have dense coatings and a longer coating life;

      3: Air spray

      This kind of coating equipment has a relatively low utilization rate of paint, and the waste of paint is relatively large. The workpiece sprayed with this kind of coating equipment is prone to air bubbles and whiteness and loss of gloss, and the cost of this kind of spraying equipment is relatively low.

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