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      Auto parts coating equipment spraying

      Date of issue:2021-05-20 Author: Click:

      Auto parts coating equipment spraying

      1. Using robot spraying, the spray paint coating is uniform, the speed is stable, the gloss is good, and the product qualification rate is high;

      2. Built-in fuel-saving program, efficient paint saving, 30% paint saving;

      3. It can work uninterrupted for 24 hours, with high reliability, which improves production capacity;

      2. It can automatically adjust the height, front and back, angle and position of the spray gun according to the changes of the sprayed product, and the size of the sprayed oil can be flexibly controlled;

      3. The spraying robot is environmentally friendly, has high safety performance, and is convenient to operate and easy to learn;

      4. The spraying robot has a long service life, no wearing parts, simple maintenance, and fewer wearing parts such as guide rails and belts than the five-axis paint spraying table;

      5. The program can store 3000 groups, and the program can be copied by U disk, which is convenient and simple to manage;

      6. Wide application, suitable for various special-shaped workpieces, high utilization rate, dynamic synchronous tracking of the conveyor belt, and spray coating on the production line;

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