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      Reasons for loss of gloss in spraying of household appliances coating equipment and treatment methods

      Date of issue:2021-05-20 Author: Click:

      Reasons and treatment methods of blistering in the spraying of household appliances coating equipment:

      the reason:

      1. The surface of the coated object is wet or there are acid, salt, salt and other substances.

      2. Water is mixed in paint and thinner.

      3. The surface of the object to be coated is too rough, the absorption capacity of the paint is large, and the coating is too thin.

      4. The site environment has high humidity, greater than 90%, and the coating is easy to lose gloss.

      5. The site temperature is too low, the drying is too slow, and the water accumulates on the surface to cause loss of gloss.

      6. The water in the air compressor is not cleanly removed and mixed into the coating to cause lesions.

      7. Excessive amount of thinner.


      1. Clean up the impurities on the surface of the coated object.

      2. Keep the paint properly to prevent mixing of water.

      3. Pay attention to the thickness of the sandpaper to ensure that the coated object is smooth.

      4. Adjust the indoor temperature or stop construction.

      5. The construction environment temperature is generally above 10 degrees.

      6. Remove the water in the air compressor gas and maintain the oil-water separator.

      7. Adjust the construction ratio.

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