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      Coating surface treatment process

      Date of issue:2021-05-20 Author: Click:

      The surface treatment of home appliance coating equipment is one of the important processes of anti-rust coating. The quality of anti-rust coating for construction machinery depends to a large extent on the quality of the surface treatment, and the coating equipment for home appliances.

      According to the British Empire Chemical Company, coating life is restricted by three factors: surface treatment accounts for 60%, painting construction accounts for 25%, and the quality of the paint itself accounts for 15%.

      The surface treatment methods of different parts in the construction machinery industry are different.

      Mechanical cleaning can effectively remove rust, welding slag, oxide scale on the workpiece, eliminate welding stress, increase the bonding force of the anti-rust coating film and the metal substrate, thereby greatly improving the anti-rust quality of engineering machinery parts. The mechanical cleaning standard requires that it reach the Sa2.5 level of ISO8501-1:1988. The surface roughness should reach 1 /3 of the thickness of the anti-rust coating. The steel shot used for spraying and shot blasting must meet the requirements of GB6484.

      The surface treatment of sheet metal stamping parts is generally referred to as chemical surface treatment. The process flow is:

      Manual pretreatment → hot water washing → pre-degreasing → degreasing → industrial water washing 1 → industrial water washing 2 → surface adjustment → phosphating → industrial water washing 3 → industrial water washing 4 → pure water washing 1 → pure water washing 2 → pouring water → drying

      The above process can also be adjusted appropriately according to the oil and rust conditions of the sheet stamping parts, or without the pickling process or the pre-degreasing process. The degreasing and phosphating are key processes in the chemical treatment process, and these two processes directly affect the quality of the chemical treatment of the workpiece and the quality of the anti-rust coating. Relevant process parameters and related auxiliary equipment are also factors that cannot be ignored that affect the quality of surface treatment.

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