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      Operation requirements for painting equipment

      Date of issue:2021-05-20 Author: Click:

      Operation requirements for home appliance coating equipment

      (1) All processes that use toxic, irritating and flammable substances should be placed in a separate factory building, such as home appliance coating equipment, or arranged in a specially partitioned area in the factory building, and equipped with personal protective equipment and fire fighting. equipment.

      (2) The passages in the workshop should be equipped with facilities to eliminate wind through the hall, and facilities to prevent the spread of fire, such as automatic fire doors, fire and smoke baffles, water curtains, etc.

      (3) When it is necessary to safely reach the work position above the equipment, an overpass with protective railings and stairs should be installed. The ground of the factory building and the passage of the overpass shall be laid with a non-slip ground.

      (4) There should be no stacked equipment, objects and wires crossing the pedestrian passage, and the width of the passage should not be less than 1m.

      (5) Protective nets must be laid below the assembly line to prevent objects from falling.

      (6) Excess paint and waste paint, etc., should be isolated and stacked in a dedicated paint warehouse.

      Environmental protection measures

      (1) Corresponding masks and gas masks must be worn during work, and good ventilation measures must be taken.

      (2) Where the solvent volatilizes a lot, a gas collecting device must be used to prevent the diffusion of toxic gases.

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