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      contact us

      Shengjichuan Industrial Automation Equipment

      Mobile phone:13962651551 (Mr. Xiao) 

                   15962653322(Mr. Qian)


      Location:No. 12, Taihu South Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

      Quality policy: continuous innovation, excellent quality, customer care, industry leader

      Business philosophy: Survive by quality, develop by honesty

      Enterprise spirit: unity, innovation, hard work, practical results

      Business objective: Create an independent brand and strive to be a pioneer in the industry

      Business strategy: professionalism, technology, truth-seeking, service

      Quality policy: quality di one, strict delivery time, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence

      Service tenet: take away customers’ worries and leave the true feelings of Shengjichuan

      Development strategy: learn from others' strengths, develop independently, and continue to innovate

      Product processing: do well, do fine, do special, do excellent

      Product breakthrough: exquisite in the subtle, from step to heroism

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