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      contact us

      Shengjichuan Industrial Automation Equipment

      Mobile phone:13962651551 (Mr. Xiao) 

                   15962653322(Mr. Qian)


      Location:No. 12, Taihu South Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

      Talent concept-talent is the cornerstone of the pyramid and a valuable asset of the enterprise

      Product view-the product is the business card

      Environment view-small details to see great character

      The concept of competition-where there is competition, there is a future

      Cost concept-saving is a virtue, but also a kind of wisdom

      Social outlook-have a grateful heart

      Environmental protection concept-energy saving and emission reduction, and jointly build low carbon. Promote greening, clean production, and develop circular economy

      Values-Dedication, Integrity, Team Innovation

      Strategic concept-quality di one, customer first, leading technology, long-term benefit

      Service concept-superior quality, outstanding reputation, considerate service

      Development concept-the company will rely on the advantages of the right time, the right place and the people, and work with colleagues and friends in various industries, with wisdom and sweat, cast the Shengjichuan brand, and strive to create a better reputation, sincere reputation, and service for domestic counterparts.

      Mission concept-continue to struggle, become stronger and more refined, and strive for the future

      Image View——Professional manufacturer of non-standard coating equipment with experience and strength in East China and South China

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